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Grip-on designs and manufactures the widest and most modern range of locking pliers & clamps worldwide. Continually producing top quality and innovative tools to meet the growing demands of Welding, Metal Work, Maintenance, Pipe, Auto Mechanics, Auto Body, DIY, Woodwork, Retail and Multi-use; Grip-on helps the professionals solving problems, saving time, working safer and easier, always increasing their productivity.

Manufactured in Spain, Grip-on uses the most sophisticated and modern machinery and tooling, mostly designed and produced in-house, to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Their innovative and unique locking tools include pliers for general use and the automotive industry as well as high-quality clamps for welding applications. All Grip-on tools are finished in an orange epoxy resin coating that is 10 times more resistant to corrosion than traditional nickel plating. The epoxy resin is also significantly more eco-friendly, as the processes involved with nickel plating can be harmful to the environment. The orange colour finish is more visible in the work place. This reduces the incidence of loss and can reduce the risk of injury.