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AFS Ltd. is proud to supply Knipex Quality Tools to our local clientele. A family run business dedicated solely to the design and manufacturing of hand pliers, Knipex matches the high level of quality that our clients expect from a hand tool. This is achieved via the outstanding quality of materials, workmanship and function of each tool. Knipex meets the increasingly complex demands of industry with pliers that work faster, easier and safer.

Knipex is the largest manufacturer of professional-quality pliers on earth producing over 55, 000 pliers each day, all of which satisfy the highest expectations in terms of performance, ergonomics, and service life. With over 1000 separate styles and sizes, Knipex offers a complete range of pliers for almost every application in trade and industry.

The Knipex range of products includes:

  • Cobra and Alligator Pump Wrenches
  • High Leverage Diagonal Cutters
  • Center Cutters
  • Bolt Cutters
  • Crimping Pliers
  • Circlip Pliers
  • Electronics Pliers
  • Lineman’s Pliers
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Needle-Nose Pliers
  • Electrician’s 4-in-1 Pliers
  • Cable Cutters & Strippers
  • Cable Shears with telescopic handles
  • Ratchet-action Cable Cutters
  • Wire Rope Cutters
  • A full line of insulated tools and sets