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Pressure reducing valves are the ideal tool to prevent damage to appliances due to excessive pressure. Often, water coming from mains enters homes at fluctuating pressures. Alternatively, domestic pumps could be giving more pressure than needed. This pressure often needs to be kept within a range to prevent accidents involving burst pipes or to avoid damage to appliances, particularly water heaters and washing machines.

The RBM pressure reducing valve features great corrosion resistance, both in acidic and alkaline environment and anti-magnetic properties that ensure great dezincification resistance. The valve complies with potability prerequisites and also helps by slowing down the production of limestone.



  • Compatible fluid: Water
  • Nominal pressure: PN25
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 25 bar
  • Adjustable outlet pressure: 0,5÷4 bar or 0,5÷7 bar depending on model
  • Factory presetting: 3 bar
  • Thread: UNI-EN-ISO 228
  • Maximum operating temperature: 80°C


  • Body: Brass CW 617N UNI EN 12165
  • Internal component metal: Brass CW614N UNI EN 12164
  • Shutter seal seat: Stainless steel AISI 303
  • N° of shutter seal seats: 1
  • Rod: Brass CW614N UNI EN 12164
  • Diaphragm: NBR nitrile elastomer
  • Seals: NBR nitrile elastomer
  • Plastic parts: Nylon 6 with 30% fibreglass
  • Gauge attachment connection: F G 1/4”